Saturday 1st April, Shmn presents Passation at Nuba, Hypnotic Experience, Tribal Music, Shaman Market.

31 March 2017


Join Shmn’s hypnotic experience created to celebrate the passation of Nuba to a new concept into a shamanic ceremony with Dj F.E.X, Vincent Giumelli, Herr Mike, Juan, David Crops, Gulivert, Jaaneman.

Discover our shaman Market from 4PM to 10PM with artisans, bohemians, and nomadic artists. Book your children workshops for a flower crown or olfactive painting session. See you Saturday on the rooftop!

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Friday 17th March at Le Nouveau Casino, Shmn presents Sortilèges, Echonomist (live), Dj F.E.X, Vincent Giumelli, Jaaneman.

7 March 2017

Shmn presents Sortileges

The tribe of Shmn [shä′mən] celebrates the decreasing moon and invites you to its musical ceremony on Friday 17th March at Le Nouveau Casino in Paris. Named in master of ceremony, Petros Manganaris aka Echonomist, Greek DJ Producer native of Thessalonica, will introduce you to the world of the electronic shamanism.

The Shmn artists will find their music quest with Dj F.E.X, artist with mysterious and sensual facets travelling between the house of 90’s and the deep techno… Vincent Giumelli will distill the absolute essence and will perfume the audience of transcendent tones. Jaaneman will close the evening with a melodious sonorities of blazing incenses and will bring your spirits up to your collective imagination.

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